The Supreme Stylist Academy is fast becoming the number 1 training academy for ambitious women wanting to turn their passion for fashion into profit. Unlike other styling schools, this academy will not only teach you the styling side of the business but also how to market your business for success. Without customers you have no business, no matter how good at styling you are! Unfortunately, the reality is that most stylists fail to ever be successful. I am passionate about helping women create businesses and lives they love and have taught hundreds of women how to do just that. Read what some of the Supreme Stylists have to say...

"The training and resources are excellent! Casey is so knowledgeable and approachable and the beauty of the academy is the ongoing support. Casey has a passion not only for fashion but helping everyone that she trains to move forward, overcome challenges and succeed. I am so pleased that I completed the training and that my dreams are now becoming a reality."

Yvonne Phillip
Personal Stylist - Images by Yves

"From the moment I met Casey I knew she was “The One”. I had looked at numerous Personal Styling Courses and companies but none of them stood out to me, or reflected anything of me. I then found Casey and the rest is history! The Supreme Stylist Academy was the perfect setting for my Styling journey to begin. Learning from Casey is informal and relaxed so you feel as though you are talking with one of your best friends as opposed to being lectured about what Styling means. Come join us at the Academy! "

Victoria Hamilton
Personal Stylist + Fashion Stylist

"Casey's teaching method is informal and relaxed and I felt comfortable to ask questions as and when they came to mind, which she was always happy to answer. Covering many topics including Colour/Body Shape Analysis, Wardrobe Detoxes and Personal Shopping trips, Casey's knowledge is impressive and the resources she shares are invaluable to a new Stylist. I left the course feeling very excited about starting my new career as a Personal Stylist. I would recommend the course to anyone who is considering this fantastic profession."

Barbera Cole
Personal Stylist

"Training at 'The Supreme Stylist Academy' is one of my best investments to date. I trained on two courses and obtained certification for Fashion Styling and Personal Styling. All I can say is the courses were excellent and met my expectations. I felt very confident and really appreciate the 'push' to start off my business and not waste any time. I am one that loves to learn with practice and the course does just that. Casey Paul, the founder of the academy and Celebrity Stylist is such an inspiration as she helps you realise that it's never to late to start doing something you love . Another great thing about the Supreme Stylist Academy' is the family of stylists you gain as you have the opportunity to be part of the amazing members group where you meet other stylists and you can always network and get continuous support not to mention the free perks we get for press and fashion events events. I have started styling clients and most recently I styled the CEO of The Diana Award Charity. It keeps getting better and better. The sky is the limit and if you are looking to study as a Fashion Stylist or Personal Stylist then I definitely recommend The Supreme Stylist Academy."

Uche Obasohan
Personal Stylist and Fashion Stylist

What's included in the Supreme Stylist Complete Styling Bundle...


Learn how to become a profitable Personal Stylist on this online complete training course.

I have spent many years working between London and LA as a stylist and have now launched this online version of my hugely successful live ‘Supreme Stylist’ course. I have styled for red carpet events including the BAFTAS, appeared on CNN as a fashion consultant, been the style editor for a leading mens magazine and consult for high end Personal Shopping teams including the worlds most luxury department store Harrods. I have been there and done it all and want to share this knowledge with YOU!

On this online crash course to become a certified Personal Stylist you will learn:

- Hours of insightful video content taught by me designed to teach you everything you need to know to become a Personal Stylist step by step. 

- How to prepare for and conduct a Client Consultation

- Body Shape Analysis, Colour Analysis, Face Shape Analysis

- The meaning of colour

- How to prepare for and conduct a Wardrobe Detox

- How to prepare for and conduct a Personal Shopping job

- Online client services and how to cater for clients you can't reach face to face

- Setting up your Personal Styling business

- Live workshop footage inside the Fashion Lounge at Westfield

- 5 eBooks to download + folders of information downloads to use with the videos

- Trend report and Swimwear Guide to send your clients

- Study to download every step of the way

- Personal development and mindset articles including goal setting to help get you in the right head space for success

- All the downloadable tools and resources you will need to use with clients including consultation forms, invoice templates, client services agreement, client summary templates.

- You will be ready to start working as a Personal Stylist with all the ready made downloadable tools included in this course and tasks to test you on what you have learnt

- Bonus video on how to market yourself to become profitable - Bonus Branding slides from Brand School Expert Sarah Akwisombe founder of Bulletproof branding. Sarah shows you how to brand your Personal Styling Business for success and discover your niche. 

- Access to the private Facebook Community where I will continue to mentor you with the other like minded Personal Stylists who are there to motivate, inspire and empower each other for success.

- You will be a Supreme Stylist Academy certified Personal Stylist on completion of this course.

Unlike other Personal Styling Courses out there on the market, this course will not just teach you the processes and services but how to actually take this new knowledge forward and turn it into a profitable business with all the ongoing support you need to be successful.

I truly believe that you need the right mindset for success and this course will teach you all the mindset modules to aid you with your learning to become not just a Personal Stylist but a Supreme Stylist. 


As Personal Stylists you will need to find ways of increasing traffic to your website and to get known in the field of fashion to market yourself and show authority.  

This video footage taken at a Blogging Bootcamp live event in The Fashion Lounge will without doubt enhance your career as a Personal Stylist and Fashion Stylist tenfold.

Paul is the founder of a hugely successful blog 'mens fashion magazine' with nearly half a million facebook likes on his business page and is a lecturer at the London College of Fashion. He has been featured in GQ, Vogue and is a speaker at some of the worlds leading Fashion Events.

You must be adding value and getting yourself out there, showing authority or no-one will find your website no matter how good it is! Blogging and social media are a key part of your business growth and Paul is a pro at what he does.

This fashion blogging course is ideal if you’re a Personal Stylist considering starting a fashion blog, or interested in learning more about developing your current blog’s effectiveness. It will look at fashion blogging in a wider context, from the various formats a blog can take, through to the importance and impact of fashion blogs, reviewing some of the most influential ones and why they are successful.

The course will also address the interaction between other social networking sites including Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. It then goes on to address what to consider when starting up your own blog, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and driving traffic to your site, alongside self-promotion and making money from blogging.

Enjoy over two hours of live footage where Paul walks you through the systems and processes step by step. You will also have the slides to download to go along with the footage. 


Video training course taught by myself where I show you in the trenches real life examples of Fashion Styling campaigns I have worked on and real life examples of briefs and pay for jobs so you know what to expect.

Modules covered include:

- The difference between Fashion Styling and Personal Styling and which would be best suited to different personalities

- Celebrity Styling

- Advertising Campaigns

- TV Styling

- Editorial Shoots

- Magazine Style Editor role

- Exclusive top tips in an interview from the worlds leading stylist Lauren Messiah

- What you have in your essential Styling Kit to take on jobs 

- How to get started as a fashion stylist straight away with downloadable email templates to send out

- Becoming a business owner

- Tips to get you to the top and a Q+A Video answering questions from new stylists.  

- The mistakes to avoid as a Fashion Stylist

- You will become a Supreme Stylist Academy certified Fashion Stylist on completion.


Personal Stylist Video Course

Complete Personal Stylist video training course to go through at your own pace with unlimited lifetime access. Includes ebook downloads. Certification on completion.

Blogging Bootcamp Video Course

Blogging Bootcamp video training course with unlimited lifetime access and downloadable slides.

Fashion Stylist Video Course

Complete Fashion Stylist video training course to go through at your own pace with unlimited lifetime access. Includes ebook downloads and email templates. Certification on completion.


Starting your own career as a Supreme Stylist. A Supreme Stylist is an ambitious woman who takes action and goes for her dreams instead of wishing them into existence. She has a passion for fashion and is even more passionate about making others feel amazing by teaching them new ways of dressing. She knows that she deserves a fulfilling business and life she loves working around her own schedule as a stylist. She is willing to invest in herself because she knows that if she does then others will invest in her too. Does this sound like you? After this course you will be fully equipped and certified in your career as both a Personal Stylist, Fashion Stylist and Blogger. Whether you want to work with regular clients one on one as a Personal Stylist in your local area by carrying out wardrobe detoxes and personal shopping jobs, or would love to work on magazines and advertising campaigns, this course has you covered for all of it! Personal Styling and Fashion Styling are very different types of styling but compliment each other so well - Supreme Stylists know it all and can take on any type of job!

Our Supreme Stylist students have gone on to work with...


As an extra bonus to get your business kick started in the best way possible and set you up for success you will also get access to hours of footage from my Platinum Mindset, Productivity and Marketing training recorded live! This training will get you clear on your goals, eliminate all those self limiting beliefs, teach you how to create vision boards that work, double your productivity and teach you how to market your business effectively.

Platinum Mindset, Productivity and Marketing Training

This training recorded live at my Platinum bootcamp will teach you how to get rid of old negative self limiting beliefs, create vision boards that work, set goals in the right way and teach you how to be your most productive self. I then show you how to get your services and product ideas crystal clear and market them so you can get your voice out there and start making the money you deserve. This includes hours of video footage with exercises you can complete to help you learn. 

- Goal Setting ✔️

- Self Limiting Beliefs ✔️

- Vision Boards ✔️

- Productivity ✔️

Clearing your mental clutter

Completing what's incomplete 

The grey zone

Eliminating energy robbers

The key to productivity 

Controlling the inner butterfly

Friction free focus 

Building your focus muscles

The 60-60-30 solution 

Your purpose 

- Marketing your business ✔️

The 12 marketing mindsets

Why we think, feel and behave the way we do

What are your customers really buying and why?

Discovering your customer needs

Creating your customer avatar

Branding v Response Marketing 

Marketing as education 

Marketing as dating 

Getting subscribers 

Converting them to a customer 


Creating raving fans 

The headline formula 

Creating your story 

Getting to grips with tech



While you are going through the training or when you have finished, join me on one of my live Zoom calls which I hold every 2 weeks for my VIP members. This is a chance for you to ask me any questions you have and learn from the other Supreme Stylists on the call.

1 live zoom call with me

Join me and the other Supreme Stylists on a 1 hour live zoom call. Email me when you want to join the call with your questions and I will let you know when the next one is scheduled. This a perfect time for you to get my feedback on any of your biz questions.


Just to get some perspective, this is the cost of what you are getting when sold separate but you are NOT paying this price for your Supreme Stylist bundle.

- Personal Stylist Course £499
- Fashion Stylist Course £199
- Blogging Bootcamp Course £99
- Platinum Bootcamp mindset, productivity and marketing training £199
- Live VIP mastermind Zoom call with myself £49






Personal Stylist Training Course

Fashion Stylist Training Course

Blogging Bootcamp Training Course

Platinum Bootcamp Mindset, Productivity and Marketing Training Course

One Live One Hour group Zoom Call 



Supreme Stylists know a deal when they see one. They know they want to get the best start possible for their new career and are ready to take action to get there!

Your Questions Answered...

- Can I do this course with no fashion experience?

YES you most certainly can! Some of our most successful stylists had no previous experience and came straight out of the corporate world.

- How long do I get to go through the online courses?

You have unlimited lifetime access so can go through them in your own time at your own pace.

- I am considering other stylist training, how is this different?

I have experience across all fields of styling as a celebrity stylist, magazine style editor, fashion stylist on advertising campaigns, consultant for CNN and also I consult for the worlds leading department store Harrods. I am also a successful online marketer and teach personal development through my coaching so can teach you more than just 'styling' which is what most courses don't teach. Success is more mindset than knowledge.

- Can I do this at any age?

YES! You can start this career at any age and it is great for women wanting a career change to work around their own schedule 

- How quickly can I get working after the courses? 

Straight away! You have all the templates and downloads ready to get yourselves out there.

- What if I need help during the course?

You can reach out to the Supreme Stylist private Facebook group for help at any time and I will always answer your questions. You can also email me directly and I  will help with any questions.

- What if I don't have the investment right now?

This bundle offer online is only limited for a limited time and we can't guarantee if we will ever run this offer again. Do you expect clients to invest in you and pay hundreds even thousands for your services as a stylist? Of course you do! This is a one time investment you are making for a whole new career.

I can't wait to work with you and get your biz kick started for the success you deserve! I am passionate about helping women to create a business of their dreams just like I have created for myself and many other stylists at my academy. Supreme Stylists don't just wish their life away, they find a great teacher to get them to where they want to be and they take action! 

See you on the inside lovely, lets do this! ✨

Casey 💕



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